Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Winchester model 70 in 30'06 Springfield.

This is the last piece in my current collection, a model 70 chambered in 30'06 Springfield. (Also called 30'06 Government.)
This is a fairly new rifle, made in 2004, so it's pre Olin. 
(i.e. still made by Winchester in Hartford Ct.) 
It's a Controlled Round Push Feed, which is looked down on by the hard-core Winchester purists, but this one's had more then 500 rounds run thru it and it's never failed to load, fire or eject a round, so you can make what you'd like of their opinion.
It's topped with a Simmons Aetec scope on Weaver mounts. 
I'm going to do a whole posts on mounts 'scopes and "length of pull". 
For now I'll only say that I tried a few setups before I went with this.

This rifle and I started off on the wrong foot. I bought the gun new from a chain store I won't name. The one I picked out had a 26" barrel and a gray composite stock. When I went back to pick it up after my 5 day waiting period, they couldn't find the bolt for it. 
They offered me a different rifle and after having to wait for 5 friggin days to take delivery, I said sure. 
It wasn't until I got home that I noticed this one had a 24" barrel, 
...so it was back to the store.
They still couldn't find the bolt for that 26", they wouldn't swap rifles and they wouldn't swap bolts because they number them. 
...so it was take the 24" or get my money back. 
I took the 24".

I hated the composite stock from the very first round. 
I'm used to heavy recoil, but this was way more then it should have been and there was the weird 'klack' noise that came up thru the stock and cheek piece. 
The scope wasn't impressive either, but I knew this was a good rifle, 
...so the gun became a project (read as: mission)
I bought a semi-inleted walnut stock and cut it down to a 13' pull with a Pachmyer White Line recoil pad.  I glass-bedded the action with home made brass posts and floated the barrel. The composite stock had a blind magazine and a plastic trigger guard and the only floor plate assembly I could find was stainless steel, but the two-tone finish didn't bother me so I went with it.
My $300 rifle ended up running me just under $600, 
but it was worth every penny. 
It fits like a glove and will consistently hit a 4" target at 200 yds.
Don't shy away from a post '64 model 70. They'll do everything the pre '64's will, and they're price is competitive.

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