Thursday, June 19, 2008

Winchester model 9422m Xtra Classic in .22 WMR

I know, I know, that's waaaaaaay too much scope for that rifle, but I couldn't resist. You have GOT to shoot one of these.

I'd never thought much of the .22 magnum round as a target load, and it's either too powerful or too light a slug for real hunting. 
I was hoping to find one of those late 1950's era model 61's with a 28" barrel, thinking the longer barrel would give the bullet enough extra spin and muzzle velocity to do something with a round that should be a lot more accurate then it seems to be in practice, 
but a $1500 model 61 is going to be a pitted out piece of junk that looks like it's going to explode the first time you fire it. 
So that one's out until I hit the lottery. 
My brother loaned me this rifle, and the first time I fired it I was in love.
This gun, with open sights, was twice as accurate as my scoped Remington 597M bull barrel, so I had to scope this gun! 
The only scope I had hanging around was this pimped out Bushnell I'd pulled off the Remington. 
(Turns out the scope was fine, it was the Remington that was crap.)
The grooved receiver limited my mounting options. I was going to try mounting a Weaver rail on the grooves and tie it into the dovetail, but I couldn't do that without having to have something fabricated, and it would have put the scope higher then I like.
I ended up setting 2 rings  behind the adjusting turrets and epoxying the front bell to a cut-down blade sight I installed in rear dovetail. 
It ain't pretty, but with Remington Vmax rounds, it will put up 1/4" groups  at 80 yards from a bench and sand bags   ...but I digress.
This is a Model 9422m Xtra classic, made in the mid 70's.
The "m" denotes the chambering in Winchester Magnum Rifle (WMR) So far as I know, all  "Classic" means is "High comb pistol grip". 
It has a 22" barrel and the magazine loads thru a port at the front of the tube. It has exactly the same fit and feel of the '94s in the heavier calibers. The action is tight and the trigger is crisp.
The furniture was marked up, but the figuring wasn't that great to begin with, so it was no great loss.

The bottom line is this. The only thing a .22 mag round is good for is making an example out of varmints. You'll put up tighter groups and/or waste a lot less meat with a .22 long rifle 
...but if you're really into watching stuff/critters explode, this is the ONLY .22 mag you want. Use the Remington Vmax for targets and the  Winchester JHP's for varmints.

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